Edward L. Wallace, PhD

Edward L. Wallace, PhD is President of the Center for Management Systems, Inc. Naples, Florida, a non-profit company engaged in research on health-related activities and Co-investigator for research on Talisman's SBIR-II grant from the National Heart Lung and Blood institute. Dr. Wallace also serves as Scientific Advisor to The Charlotte Geyer Foundation for cancer research. Recently retired from the position of Chairman, Board of Directors, National Blood Data Resource Center. He is also Professor Emeritus of Management Science and Systems, State University of New York, Buffalo and has held professorships at Harvard and the University of Chicago where he was Director of the Operations Laboratory and Computer Center.

Dr. Wallace has been engaged in research in the blood services area since 1968 and has served as either principal or senior investigator on numerous blood related studies sponsored by National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. Among these have been a series of studies with Dr. Douglas Surgenor of the Center For Blood Research on patterns of blood usage for various medical and surgical procedures and seven national surveys of collection of blood and blood components in the United States beginning in 1982 and ending in 1994, He is the author of over 30 articles in professional journals such as Science, The New England Journal of Medicine, Transfusion, Vox Sanguis, Medical Care and Operations Research. He is also co-author of the book, Securing a Safer Blood Supply, published by the American Enterprise Institute.




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