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Talisman has developed several products targeted to blood collection organizations. The company's flagship product is the Quality Donor System (QDS), a complete blood donor qualification system including a multimedia health history interview, vital signs and signature capture. A related capability is the Internet Quality Donor System (iQDS) that allows donors to complete the health history interview at home or work, over the Internet, before going to the collection site. With iQDS, a donor spends less time at the blood drive, and the blood drive benefits by being able to process donors faster and drawing more donors with the same level of staff and equipment. The Talisman Phlebotomy System (TPS) manages the phlebotomy process after QDS has qualified donors. Using a wireless handheld computer, phlebotomists track donors and collect salient data including start and stop times, bag numbers, volume and reactions.

Detailed descriptions of each of the products are provided at the links below.


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