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Talisman Phlebotomy System (TPS)

The Talisman Phlebotomy System (TPS) continues the donation process when QDS has completed qualifying a donor. TPS manages the phlebotomy process, recording all the required data in real time, for subsequent upload to the main blood software system.

Like QDS, TPS runs on a server, either over the wide area network or a local server in a mobile environment. No additional server hardware is needed, as TPS can use the same server hardware that QDS runs on. Instead of the touch-screen tablets used by QDS, each phlebotomist uses a wireless handheld computer (below) to keep track of what they are doing. By carrying the computer instead of having to set up another piece of equipment and leaving the bedside to use it, the phlebotomist can do their job and capture critical data without impacting donor care. 

The handheld computer contains a bar-code scanner, which is used to enter data on blood bags and tubes, simplifying and speeding operation. At the end of a draw, the phlebotomist enters reaction codes, volume, etc. prior to releasing the donor. If the donor has a late reaction, after leaving the bed, it can be entered from an administrative console.

TPS uses the same networking configuration as QDS, described here. When a remote server is synchronized with the main server, the phlebotomy data are also included. A complete donor history card can then be printed, including phlebotomy data.

TPS Advantage

The most common errors in phlebotomy are missing information such as start and stop times. The handheld computer only requires touching the screen and/or clicking, with little actual keying required. Most complex data are scanned from existing bar-codes. TPS assures that all required data will be captured correctly and then provides them in a way they can easily be uploaded to the main computer system for manufacturing.



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