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Benefits - Scientifically proven

QDS produces tangible, measurable benefits to blood centers that use it for donor interviewing. Unlike other blood center software, the performance of QDS in production has been measured, quantified and reported in scientific venues and in peer-reviewed journals.

Error reduction

QDS reduced FDA-reportable errors by over 60%, based on before and after studies in 2 blood centers. Approximately 75% of all blood center reportable errors trace back to the health history interview as can be seen from the graphic. (Details here)

Staff time savings

QDS is faster for staff by up to 5 minutes per donor. Time savings were measured in three blood centers with thousands of donors.

Donor satisfaction

Donor satisfaction with QDS was 7 or more times greater than with face-to-face interviews. Donors say they are 14 times more likely to donate again with QDS. Repeated studies show that donor satisfaction increases with repeat use of QDS. These data were gathered at three blood centers in surveys of 2,188 donors. Donor satisfaction was measured on seven different variables, all of which show preference for QDS.

Staff satisfaction

72% of blood center staff prefer QDS to non-QDS interviewing versus only 17% that prefer the "old way" (11% are neutral). (Measured over 3 blood centers and 177 staff)

Risky behavior disclosure

Consistent with behavioral science literature, donor reporting of risky behavior was 9 times more frequent in QDS than face-to-face. These behaviors include male-male sex and intravenous drug use. (Based on 2.5 years of data at 1 blood center)

Additional advantages of QDS

  • Proven ability to update to new donor screening regulations in as little as a week

  • No training required for donors and only 2-3 hours for staff

  • Improved ability to handle donor surges and control queues.


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