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Internet Quality Donor System (iQDS)

The Internet Quality Donor System (iQDS) is an extension of QDS that allows donors to complete the health history interview online from their home, school or office before going to the Blood drive. The only requirement, imposed by FDA, is that the medical interview must be done the same day as the blood drive.

The blood center's recruiters will determine which donors will be allowed to use the remote interview, and will provide them with a link or URL to begin the interview. Donors using iQDS are not asked for any personally identifying information, so no such sensitive information is transmitted over the Internet. The actual online interview is identical to the normal onsite QDS interview, though it is done using the donor's own computer instead of a touch-screen tablet. At the end of the iQDS interview, the system prints a bar-coded receipt, similar to an airline boarding pass (below).

When the donor arrives at the blood drive, they register as normal. Instead of starting the medical interview, staff asks some qualifying questions and the iQDS receipt is scanned into QDS. At this point, the interview results are displayed, exactly as if the donor had just completed the interview onsite. Donor's responses are then reviewed and screened the same as an onsite donor.

The iQDS Advantage

By using the Internet interview in iQDS, the donor has saved time they would otherwise have to spend at the blood drive. While donors still need to spend the time to respond to the health history interview, they can do it at their convenience at home or work, at their own pace, instead of in the blood drive setting. The blood center benefits by reducing the time the donor is onsite, thus improving donor throughput and equipment utilization. By using a strategy of offering iQDS to frequent donors, blood centers can frame this as a benefit to their most loyal customers, thereby contributing to retention and increased donor satisfaction.



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