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QDS is designed to operate in a networked environment, with the software running on a server and users working from touch-screen tablets. QDS operates on servers running Microsoft Server 2003, among others. The preferred client configuration is a Windows touch-screen computer such as the Sahara i400

QDS touch screen (Sahara i400)

A typical workstation consists of a touch-screen tablet, a keyboard (for staff only), headphones and a printer. Cost of such a configuration is under $2,000 (estimated). Assuming a 3-year lifetime and 100 interviews/week, such a setup costs $0.13/interview.


QDS is designed for a wide area network (WAN) that includes all QDS stations (below)

On mobiles, where there is no access to the WAN, QDS runs on a remote server, which can be the same computer as one of the user workstations.

At the end of the day, when the remote QDS server returns to a fixed site, it is connected to the WAN to synchronize data. On completion of the sync, all data collected during the day are uploaded to the main server, and relevant information is transmitted to the remote server for the next day's operations. (below)


QDS was designed to be completely intuitive for donors, who require no training. The few instruction screens that begin an interview tell the donor all they need to know to use the system. Based on over 7 years of experience and well over 2,000,000 donor  interviews, this has been amply demonstrated. (See Scientifically Proven for details.)

Staff training takes 2-3 hours, much of which focuses on the logistics of managing the computer and printer. Mobile staffs require a bit more training and practice because they must be comfortable with setup of systems in a remote environment. In a typical implementation, Talisman trains trainers and senior staff at your location. The staff trainers then train individual staff members.

Regulatory Issues

QDS has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (FDA CBER). Blood centers that have implemented QDS have installed the system under a Changes Being Effected - 30 Days notice (CBE-30) and have been implemented in a matter of days. Subsequent changes such as FDA-mandated question updates are reportable in an Annual Report.

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